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Volunteering In and Around Lakepointe

Want to get involved in Lakepointe?  There are many opportunities to do so. Take a look at the current committees and see if one interests you; if so, reach out to the Committee Chair or President.  It's a great way to meet your neighbors and take an active part in our community.  Each committee will have a Chairperson and a BOD liaison.

Committees: Please note that 2020-2021 Committee information is included below.

The Board will rely on Committees to assist with the day to day affairs of the Association. A committee is comprised of two BOD members and one owner or three BOD members and two owners.  Committees report up to the BOD.  For special projects, additional owners/residents may be enlisted to accomplish a task.

Committee Committee Chairperson BOD Member BOD Member Committee Member Committee Member Committee Member Special Projects Team Member    
Landscaping Lynne Reilly Greg Lemkau Dan Berkshire Gayle Bonus Sue Clavio  

Kris Gaughan

Sue Moran

Susan Zentz

Barb Pietsch

Terry Gaughan

Chris Frank

Carl Waggonner

Buildings & Grounds Dan Berkshire Dave Wanshek Greg  Lemkau Paul Pietsch Ben Valetta        
Rules & Regulations Denise DeHesus Dave Wanshek Tim Oxley       

Lisa Burton

Darlene Hill

Barb Cygan



Beach & Waterfront


Greg Lemkau Dan Berkshire Dave Wanshek Barb Pietsch Ben Valetta        



Tim Oxley Denise DeHesus Dave Tapar Carol Bissoniere Denise Haire      
Marina Dave Tapar Tim Oxley  Greg Lemkau  Colleen Thoma 

Carl Waggonner





Dave Wanshek Dan Berkshire   Greg Durbin          


Part of Secretary Role          Commission of  Block Captains   Block Captains' Facilitator - Robert Haire        

4th July Picnic

All Board Members All Residents             We need you!    

Here are some details about Committee activities, as well as some of our special projects:

 Buildings and Grounds--Maintains the condition of the buildings roads and walkways.

 Beach / Waterfront Committee--Maintains the condition of the lakefront and beach.

Finance Committe--Reviews and analyzes the budget and expense along with the Board.                   

Landscape Committee--Reviews trees, plantings and overseas the contractor for lawn care.

Marina Committee--This committee involves arranging the safety of our Marina and Kayak area, including setup and breakdown of the docks, planning the Marina parties, and addressing boater issues.

• Pool Committee--Ensures the pool is operated safely.  Pool Attendants are hired to take care of cleaning the pool and being on duty (they are not lifeguards).  Residents sometimes get hired as Pool Attendants.  Residents often volunteer for pool pass distribution and planning pool events.

Rules and Regulations--Reviews Rules and recommends changes to the Board for ensuring consistency to current practice and to laws/regulations.

Community Social Events  (many are resident planned)

Block Captains for 194 Units      BLOCK CAPTAIN FACILITATOR  Bob Haire – 284 Oak Bluff Court      (847-702-3888)             

Contact Info: